Construction and Heavy Machinery


Developing a solution which would ensure safe crane operations in close proximity, minimizing potential collisions.​

Outcome: successfully developed a prototype revolutionizing crane safety through real-time processing and communication.

DEVELOPING THE STRATEGY adapted its development strategy to tackle the inherent challenges of the project scope.

​Challenge #1

Designing a real-time communication framework between cranes without latency.

Challenge #2

Achieving exact location tracking in dense urban constructions.

Challenge #3

Guaranteeing system reliability amidst various environmental scenarios.


Developing a prototype crane collision system - SkyGuardian - that emphasizes real-time data exchange, processing, and feedback. The solution aimed at ensuring safety of crane operations through Zigbee-integrated collision systems.

Tech Stack Implemented:

Programming language: Qt C++ for Beaglebone, Embedded C for Arduino, Teensy 4.0
Protocols: Zigbee for wireless communication
Algorithms: Kalman Filtering, Collision prediction and avoidance algorithms
Hardware: Teensy 4.0, IMU, Zigbee, GNSS, Beaglebone, LCD, LTE


The SkyGuardian prototype showcased a distinct dual-point identification system for each crane: the anchor and the rover. The rover point was furnished with Arduino, Zigbee, IMU, and GNSS, ensuring comprehensive data collection and processing. Conversely, the anchor had an LCD, Zigbee, IMU, GNSS, LTE, and Beaglebone, which relayed real-time information and permitted remote communications.

Using GNSS, a general position of the crane was determined. However, for pinpoint position estimation, the IMU was incorporated alongside Kalman filtering. This holistic approach ensured crane operators received real-time, accurate data, aiding in rapid decision-making.


The SkyGuardian prototype, while still in its demonstration phase, showcases SafeCrane Technologies' dedication to revolutionizing crane safety. As the urban skyline continues to grow, innovations like SkyGuardian are not just beneficial, but essential.
SafeCrane is enthusiastic about refining the prototype based on feedback, securing funds, and rolling out a production-ready solution for a safer tomorrow.


By the end of development and integration, was successful in satisfying the client’s requirements.

Outcome #1

Demonstrating the prototype led to a 90% simulated reduction in near-miss scenarios, instilling confidence among potential investors.

Outcome #2

The SkyGuardian prototype forecasts a safer, more efficient future for crane operations.

"The SkyGuardian prototype promises a safer horizon for construction. Its capabilities are game-changing." - CEO, Leading Construction Firm

Validation and Visualization of Vehicle Data