Land Expeditions

A Guest Experience and Retention platform that empowers hospitality operators

What is Land Expeditions? 

Land Expeditions is a Guest Experience and Retention platform that empowers hospitality operators to create exceptional experiences, boost profitability, and foster repeat business. With advanced tools and personalized features, they help operators deliver tailored experiences, gain valuable insights, and engage with guests throughout their stay.

Their customized platform is designed to optimize operations, drive revenue growth, and cultivate a loyal customer base in the competitive hospitality industry.


Travel & Hospitality


Develop the Land Expeditions brand from the ground-up and set a tone and direction which complements its customer base.


Vresolv helped Land Expeditions develop their nascent brand with an identity which pulled in their target market. The task included both print and digital assets.


The strategy to implement the desired brand direction and guidelines was formulated with close and lengthy meetings of the branding lead with the marketing team of Land Expeditions. The session spanned 3 days of in-depth brainstorming. These activities helped immensely in narrowing down the needs and goals of the developing brand while also setting expectations aligning with the final product. 

Brand Values

In order to meet the customer expectations in a unique and innovative way. We wanted to position brand differently from our competitors. For that we came up with values and principles to guide the whole brand identity in form of values.



The Land Expeditions company logo visually embodies the core brand values of the company. It boasts a unique combination of two symbols: an arrow-shaped “L” with a single twist.

Style Guide

The Land Expeditions identity was made coherent and consistent by providing a style guide. This ensured that colors, Typography, Iconography, Imagery, Advertisement and Other collaterals are made consistent to the initially presented vision.


The design process also included various designs for differing collaterals. All the designs were matched to the overall aesthetic of the brand identity of Land Expeditions.

Marketing Website 

To reach the desired audience we also set out to create the brand marketing site. For this we first validated and tested the wireframes after which mockups were generated to ensure the user experience is both appealing and correct.


As a result of our dedicated team’s efforts, we were able to successfully create fleshed-out branding themes and assets for Land Expeditions. Our delivery also satisfies the customer’s needs and wishes for their nascent brand. All this was thanks to detailed design workshops conducted on our end in coordination with the client to determine the direction which was ultimately taken for the project.

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